#Pebble power up guide 2nd – the initial design

We’d like to introduce the initial design we will put on xadow & pebble. before we dive into this section, let’s come back and review the concept design last time.


This cool self replication sketch is one of the result of our brain storm.

  • pro: every brink is the same, easy to assemble
  • con: the free space between each piece is limited


A workaround way design the shell rather than the brick itself, we place a two-brick length shell wrap up the bricks, the opposite shell will be shift by one brick to make the structure stable.

  • pro: neat
  • con: it’s impossible in practical


We find our idea in our daily life. The connector of the loose-leaf binder inspired us, this is relatively traditional design. The following design is also so common: the zipper! It’s too much beyond our imagination, isn’t it?


There are 3 designs in this one. The left one comes from the average watch design. The middle upper one is fastened to a surface where is connected. The right one cleverly uses a silicone parts connecting them.


After several iterations, The “工” like connector is replaced with a “I” like, which makes more space for flexible uses.


What we learn from the wearable design iteration? What is our next step? Just keep an eye on our series blog next time.

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