What’s your favorite Smart Electric Soldering iron? Take the survey and gift!

Can you guess what is this in the following picture?

Thanks to Maker Faire Bay Area 2015 – 10th Annual ,you are gonna  get a closer chance to touch and use it in advance!


It really looks marvelous ,isn’t it? Yep, now I can tell you that it’s a totally brand new Smart Electric Soldering iron you have never seen before: light body, internal heated,OLED screen, smart temperature control, external power supply and many other flexible customized features…

More exciting news! Such a brand new type of  Smart Electric Soldering iron will be exhibited in Seeed’s booth in Maker Faire Bay Area 2015 – 10th Annual being held in USA these days. And they will be taken as our giveaways at the end of this Make Faire activity, if you want to win one to have a try, just finish the following Survey and leave your message to us. we will select two randomly as the lucky ones to have the free trials of the Smart Electric Soldering iron!

Attention: this activity will be end at May 17,2015!  So action now, join to win!

Join Our Favorite Electronic Iron Survey to Win Free trials

5 thoughts on “What’s your favorite Smart Electric Soldering iron? Take the survey and gift!

  1. I did not see any way to leave our email or contact info in the survey. I would LOVE to give any iron you come up with a trial run.

  2. I ordered Aoyue-2901 soldering station from germany about 4 years ago. And even though it’s not high end machine, it has given (and still gives) great value for the price.

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