Such a lovely day with this Shenzhen girl #SexyCyborg

In these few days all our engineers are excited by SexyCyborg‘s visit, and the reason of their excitement is as obvious as her name.


It’s not hard to find her photo on internet, once you see it you’ll understand how she get such attention around the world, and of course, she deserves it.


But seems not much people know the story about how she got her influence from shenzhen’s unique industrial habitat. And her shopping list in Huaqiangbei/Taobao, so keep your eyes wide open when you’re shopping next time.

It might be a bit hard to reach her level of charm, but you could easily replicate accessories on her body, then put them on your body/bodies around you.


Here we also prepared a tutorial to make her LED dress @SeeedRecipe, if you like it, please don’t hesitate to make one.

Check out #SexyCyborg’s Imgur if you want to know more about her:
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