Let’s decide the phone diversity !


Take out your phone, they are always the same, rectangle. As said 70% of the smartphones in the US are designed and manufactured by just two different companies, the remaining 30% I guess are designed by companies as well. One questions, why can not phone be designed by ourselves ?
Here are some demos designed by our staffs .

 Snail Phone                                      Snail Phone

Walking Stick Phone                                    Walking stick Phone

Mario Phone                                          Mario Phone

DIY Phone                                          DIY Phone

DIY Phone1
Unpack Phone Kit
                                      Opened Phone Kit
These are only part of the creations, the creation of phone is beyond our imagination. Keep watch on seeed, you will find something great about Phone.
Last question, how about designing a phone for your pet? Break down the existing ideas of a phone and come up with something new and original! Aug.3,2015 #Instructable 
rephoneTo be a maker of phone, but not the consumer of phone.
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2 thoughts on “Let’s decide the phone diversity !

  1. Which requirements ?

    The one I’ve not found on the market:

    SCREEN : e-paper as I want to see something outside in the sunlight
    CONNECTIVITY : xG, Bluetooth, WIFI, DECT
    KEYBOARD : a real basic one instead of using touch-screen (my hands size are not the one of of a teenager)

    1. Thanks for your inspiration.
      Already pass it to the project manager of our Rephone project.
      Stay tuned!

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