The most talented BLE Arduino with Grove Connectors – LightBlue Bean+ is launched at Kickstarter this week for crowd funding. With four new Bluetooth Low Energy profiles, solderless connectors, 16 GPIOs, a rechargeable battery and enough range to program neighbor’s neighbor’s Beans, the Bean+ has become the latest addition to the LightBlue Bean family: a line of easy-to-use, wireless Arduinos. It can be wirelessly programmed from OS X, Windows, iOS and Android platforms.


The Bean+ comes with a built-in accelerometer, temperature sensor, RGB LED and a new amplifier. There are two Grove connectors (Analog and I2C, respectively) added for users to hook up with a variety of Grove sensors quickly and easily. There is also a Grove shield that adds 8 more. “We’re proud to see Grove connectors got adopted and excited to help build up the synergy.” Said Eric Pan, founder and CEO of Seeed Studio.


Pick and choose your Beans now! Alone, or with a grove starter kit consisting of a potentiometer, buzzer, touch sensor, button and a 10 segment LED bar, ready to be plugged in. Or go big with the perfboard shield and a grove shield that lets you plug in up to 18 grove accessories to one Bean+.