Let's find a new phone to create your own phone and talk to other things by your phone!

Here is the phone contest. We are collaborating with instructables on how phone can be different and phone can communicate with different objectives. And we are going to show you that phone can be different with our RePhone project.

Phone Contest

Everything has gone perfectly, except we are lacking demos or prototypes to showcase the phone diversities. In the past and nowadays, the phone we daily use is generally the same,We hope that we can leverage your creativity and maker spirit to come up with some funny and practical demos to showcase on our phone contest website.

Here’s the chance to use your imagination to create something incredible on phone! We are pretty confident that phone can be different with the one what we use today and easily be applied to various areas such as pet interaction, natural interaction, internet of things, smart home, and remote controls.

Phone contest is limited to 13 winners from submissions. The prizes are extremely attractive(see at the bottom).

How does this phone contest work? We are glad to be asked.

1.Please take your idea, enter the phone contest page, start your entry, share your demo or prototype step by step.

2.Waiting now or introduce your entry to your friends, to promote it! Still waiting until the contest finishes.

3.Instructable will choose the final winners via “VOTE”

4.Finally, you will get the prizes if you are the winner.

5.Last but not least, you will get a sneak peek of our new phone products, leave your email, be the first one to get it.


1.To let more people know your phone works, use hashtag #rethinkphoneand@seeedstudio on twitter or facebook, we will promote it via our SNS platform

2.Want to know more about our new phone product? Register your mail from www.seeed.cc/rephone, you will get the update information.



Second Prize (8)

Eight Second Prize winners will recieve: