It's very easy to find Seeed's booth in Maker Faire around the world. But how did a Seeed Booth build? Let's find out the answer through these pictures below:

25/09 9:00 We arrived at Maker Pavilion, where Seeed’s booth located in.

IMG_2304One day before #MakerFaire, lots of things didn’t prepared ready yet. Empty booth and fence waited us to decorate.
IMG_2306IMG_233110:00 We started to set up all the demos, flyers and gifts to be a simulation exhibition.
IMG_237214:00 Staff from #MakerFaire helped us to install the backdrop picture and lights. It looked much better now!!IMG_2383Friends from #Crazyfile were installing their device.
IMG_2400(0)16:00 Move the TV outside, we almost done.IMG_240118:00 Finish!!! It’s our Seeed booth!!!!IMG_240312027700_960106500697948_3683699159739377137_n12043114_960106614031270_3002203256869737573_n12063655_960106394031292_7850011036313681144_n