After one-year validation, we have 2 major updates to announce of Open Parts Library (OPL) : remove 804 parts out of current 1219 parts based on feedback from users and supply chain, partner with Eagle, CircuitMaker and Octopart to make it more accessible and accurate driven by data from bigger user pool.

Fewer Parts, More Efficiency!

Open Parts Library is a collection of most commonly-used components that can greatly improve quality, lead time and cost since we are sharing the same supply chain. In 2015, in order to satisfy more products and users, we expanded OPL into a 1200+ components library. After one-year validation, we decide to remove 804 parts from current OPL on Mar 1st, 2016.  

If you are a user of the current OPL, please beware that these parts are no longer available from March 1st  in
1) Bazzar OPL page
2) Fusion PCBA service
If you want to solder such parts in PCBA service, please put the MPN instead of the SKU in the BOM, their Seeed SKU will be invalid in OPL. Please find the detail deleted components list here.  For example,  we will delete 301010473 (RC0402JR-0724KL), If you are preparing the BOM for Fusion PCBA service, please edit the BOM like this:
BOM 示例

Below are 2 reasons to push us make such a decision.

1) clarify standard of OPL as sufficient stock, affordable price, reliable quality. 
Last year we received many requests from users to extent the number of parts in library. We accepted it but it turns out that most parts are not so used commonly or not supply chain friendly after our verification. By removing the inefficient parts, we make sure that the remaining 400+ parts meet our requirement and your demands.

2) more local Shenzhen Supply Chain friendly 
Shenzhen as a city of maker Hollywood has an advanced established manufacture and supply chain system. Benefit from the Shaizhai culture and entire open manufacture system in Shenzhen, we will be able to access to more affordable and local supply chain friendly electronic components.  Seeed helps to gather all those parts in OPL. All of these advantages make OPL a good tool for cost down.


New Partnership with Eagle, CircuitMaker and Octopart

Open Parts Library, Seeed Partners with circuit maker, eagle, & Octopart

To make OPL more accessible, we cooperate with Eagle & Circuitmaker and input the whole OPL design files into their design libraries, you will be able to use OPL components at the beginning of your design. Upload the BOM here, you will get an instant quote for manufacturing your boards.

Apart from local supply chain friendly parts, Seeed partners with Octopart to get a finger on the pulse of component trend. With support of big data from Octopart, we will be able to add more accurate ones to satisfy your need. Seeed as a designer-end and manufacturer-end will support these parts and hope all of our users can benefit from larger economies of scale by sharing the supply chain.

If you have any other suggestion or specific question to ask us, feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me a mail via shuyang.zhou at