On the second day of Make Faire Taipei, Eric Pan, the founder of Seeed, gave a speech for the forum and suggested Taiwanese makers should be proud that making in Taiwan already became a lifestyle, and Seeed is hoping to work with more makers and designers in Taiwan to grow the difference.

LIVE view of the speech:




Seeed is a hardware innovation platform for makers to grow inspirations into differentiating products. By working closely with technology providers of all scale, Seeed provides accessible technologies with quality, speed and supply chain knowledge. When prototypes are ready to iterate, Seeed helps productize 1 to 1,000 pcs using in-house engineering, supply chain management and agile manufacture forces. Seeed also team up with incubators, Chinese tech ecosystem, investors and distribution channels to portal Maker startups beyond.

Wish is a platform where we can fulfill what you need. If you are looking for a module which cannot be found at the Bazaar, you can propose your ideas and inspirations here, discuss your design with other hobbyists, and accomplish your projects by the power of the community. Here is where the seed of creativity starts to grow.




Propagate is Seeed Studio’s feaured one-stop service to help hardware innovators with new product integration and agile manufacture forces. With resources and profession in maker-friendly supply chain, propagate service brings the flexibility into full play, which enables our customers to unleash their inner inventor and focus more on product design and tech support.


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Designers in Taiwan has potential to build creative products with beautiful design, and Seeed is willing to help designers with production and promotion, to bring their ideas to the global market.


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