Today, we are at SIGNAL Conference in San Francisco as Seeed Studio is one of the hardware partners and sponsors, showing off the innovative ways to make hardware development easy for TWILIO.


At SIGNAL, 2000 software people converge for a conversation about the future of communications.


We are at SIGNAL conference showing software engineer how to simplify hardware development and scale up TWILIO API on hardware. Seeed’s booth may be the most interesting booth as we are the only open-source hardware booth. Some of software engineer are at their first attempt exploring open source hardware.


At 3:40, our CEO Eric Pan gave a speech about the Internet of Things and technology in Borg, saying as technology grows more accessible, makers are starting to challenge traditional ways of communication. Today you are able to text your dog to learn its GPS coordinates, as well as learn how your dog interacts with the world around it. The Internet of Things creates a social network that enables more software business to expand into the real world.


“The world is an API,” Eric Pan added.

To that end, Eric pointed out that Seeed Studio remained a committed partner to the open-source hardware industry, providing accessible technologies with quality, speed and supply chain knowledge.


Twilio made it easy to integrate communications into the workflow of our field service technicians. And Seeed is a hardware innovation platform for makers to grow inspirations into differentiating products. Looking forward to more cooperation in the future!


Come visit us in our booth (inventor 1) at SIGNAL to see how hardware and software technologies work together!


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