Two weeks later, Wake Me Up with Wio Activity has several prize-winners. Wait, before we get to the prize-winners, I want to actually give a big thanks to EVERYONE who put time into taking the time to submit to the contest.

Now, no more time wasting – All hail the winners! :) Congratulations to MANUEL DIAZ JAEN, censy007, capuchenlong, Kunlu, Joonas Wilska, vhevip! We have send out the rewards already, so please check the coupons in your mail box.

Seeed Studio Wio Link simplifies IoT with the easy development of applications, products and services. This open-source Wi-Fi development board virtualizes plug-n-play modules to RESTful APIs with mobile Apps. No hardware programming, breadboard, jumper wires or soldering required. The Wio Link supports Wi-Fi Network   802.11b/g/n protocols with Wi-Fi encryption technologies WEP/TKIP/AES. You can remotely interact with LED lights from anywhere in the universe!


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