NEW 旧网站下架

Dear users:

The old bazaar ( will be officially closed for ordering on July 6, 2016 (EST) but it will still be available for visiting only.


  • Ongoing Purchase Orders in old bazaar – All the ongoing purchase orders in old bazaar will be processed as usual.
  • Order History –You can check history orders (from January 2016 to now) in new bazaar. The remaining order history will be completely transferred to new bazaar in the middle of July.
  • Partial Fusion Function will be Unavailable Temporarily – 3D printing, CNC Milling, Laser Cutting Service will be unavailable temporarily until the end of August.
  • Tracking System in Old Bazaar – From July 1st, 2016 (EST) tracking system in old bazaar will be unavailable, your order from old bazaar will be updated ONLY by email.
  • Coupon & Gift Card  – New bazaar will NOT support the coupons & gift cards from the old bazaar. If you have coupons from old bazaar, please contact  for alternatives.
  • User Account – Your account and profile from old bazaar is intact in the new one.
  • Shopping Cart Migration – The data from old shopping cart would not be transferred to the new one.

If you have any problems using the new website or if you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us at Thank you so much for supporting SeeedStudio and we will continue improving our online shopping experience.


Happy hacking
Seeed Bazaar Team