Wio New Updates!

Dear Wio users,

We cannot thank you enough for your patience and support for Wio since our first launch on Kickstarter. We love reading your feedbacks and have improved Wio service accordingly. Now we are very excited to announce our new updates.

At the latest update of Wio app, we tried to provide you a better experience to configure and manage your Wio devices. And also updated our account system and server for faster data access.  Here are some details:


  • Now on Wio app, you can change Wi-Fi network for Wio devices without re-adding nodes and losing existed data.
  • 10+ Grove drivers added and more is coming.
  • Wio users are now part of Seeed Account System. You can now login to Wio with your Seeed account or the other way around.


For Global Users: 

We now have an New Global Serverus.wio.seeed.io, works on AWS. If you are not a Chinese user, this server will guarantee fast data access in most cases.

The old server, iot.seeed.cc, is now recognized as the Old Global Server, will be terminated on September 1st, 2016.  At that time, all data will be transferred manually to New Global Server. You will still be able to access and update data on Old Global Server before this time. If you are starting a new project, we highly recommend you to use the New Global Server. Please note, data will only be transferred after 1st September, 2016.

For Chinese Users:
For Chinese users, simply select Chinese Server when you signup / login. It has two domains: cn.wio.seeed.io and cn.iot.seeed.cc. Besides, cn.wio.seeed.io has been set as default and both of them are able to give you access to your data.

Questions or feedback? As always, we’d love to hear from you over on the community.Thank you again for everything. We look forward to hearing about what you create with Wio.

Happy hacking
Wio Team

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