Top 5 reasons why you should need a ReSpeaker


ReSpeaker is a hackable voice-controlled development board, specifically designed for developing audio and voice interaction devices/applications. Today We would love to give you the top 5 reasons why you need a ReSpeaker:

Turn your best speaker to Wi-Fi speaker

Wireless technology today is becoming an alternative in how we experience our music every day. If you’re at that place where you’re wondering how you should make the switch from a wired speaker to a wireless equivalent, ReSpeaker Core helps you to turn your old speaker into a WiFi speaker without any hacking and it’s extremely easy to set up. Besides, ReSpeaker supports DLAN and Airplay, so that you can streaming song from your smartphone and computer, etc.


See more on the demo video :


Make any devices to be voice controlled

After Amazon released Echo, more and more hardware devices has been integrated voice interaction, such as domestic robot. ReSpeaker built-in microphone and we also provide powerful voice capture modular board called ReSpeaker Mic Array. Moreover, ReSpeaker supports a lot of voice service such as Microsoft Cognitive Service and Amazon Alexa, etc. So, you can integrate voice recognition to anything you want, for example, here’s a tutorial shows how to build a  IR Remote controller.

See more on the demo video :


For musical instrument DIY project

For example, you can make ReSpeaker Tomato Piano with Arduino (Inspired by Makey Makey ).

See more on the demo video :


Arduino Compatible

ReSpeaker is an open hardware, which contains Atmega32U4, Arduino-compatible hardware. This tutorial shows How to DIY a 3D Print Talking R2D2 Robot.



ReSpeaker Microphone Array

If you are planning to build high quality, far field voice capture devices, ReSpeaker Mic Array offers a lot of awesome features, like far-field voice capture, acoustic source localization, beamforming, noise suppression, de-reverberation, and acoustic echo cancellation, etc.

See more on the demo video :


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