We listen and take actions: no more extra charge for PCB color!

Dear fusion users, thank you so much for taking time and filling in the fusion service questionnaire. After hearing your voice about the charge of PCB color,
we have been working hard to lower down the cost for that.

There is still a cost for us, however, it is time to make some moves!
And…here comes the great news! From today, 1st, Nov,2016. No more extra charge for PCB color in Seeed fusion. PCB color(not green) will charge you a little fee according to your PCB area.
For specified parameters(layer ≤4,dimension ≤ 10cm*10cm, Qty ≤ 10), no PCB color fee.
Pick up the color you like and order now!


We really appreciate your feedback for fusion service and we will keep improving based on your feedback. We have been collecting a lot of good suggestion and will put them into practice one by one. Stay tuned! If you want to see your idea come true in fusion, don’t hesitate to drop it at fusion@seeed.cc. Looking forward to your feedback and the future of prototype community!

Visit the new pcb website

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2 thoughts on “We listen and take actions: no more extra charge for PCB color!

  1. Hey Seed Studio,

    I love it when companies take feedback and give customers what they want. I’m sure everyone appreciates the better pricing.


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