Purpose for Drilling Holes

Single-sided or double-sided PCB will be drilled directly after getting on the production line. Multi-layer board will be drilled after pressuring layers. By classification of the function, different drilling holes can be divided: parts hole, tool hole, through the hole, blind hole, Buried hole. In recent years, electronic products need to be light. Thin. Short. Small. Fast. So we need better drilling technology, like, laser burning holes, photosensitive holes.

Mechanical Drilling Layer

Drilling processing needs these parts: drilling bit, backup board, Entry board.

pcb drill

Laser drilling holes

With the development of electrical technology, we need to make the vias smaller and smaller, While the mechanical tool will be broken if the size is too small. Laser drilling is aimed to drilling the holes smaller than 0.2mm.

When engineers design PCB with BGA, HDI boards, we need to make microvias with laser drilling.

dril pcb hole

Laser drilling is much more expensive than mechanical drilling. We recommend you to use Φ0.3mm drilling holes to save your money.

If your board is HDI or has BGA, you may need to use mircovias, then you can contact Seeed Studio Fusion PCB manufacturer to get a quotation.