5.1 Vias

5.1.1 Hole Spacing

Hole Spacing

Figure 31: Spacing requirements for holes and vias

[44] The spacing between holes must satisfy B 5mil.

[45] The spacing between holes and any copper trace/pour must satisfy: B1 & B2 5mil.

[46] The spacing between plated through holes (PTH) to the board edge: B3 20mil.

[47] The recommended minimum distance from non-plated through holes (NPTH) wall to the board edge is D


5.1.2 Via hole banned layout area

[48] Via holes must not overlap solder pads.

[49] Via holes must not be in a region that extends 1.5mm from the metal shell of any components.

5.2 Mechanical Hole Design

5.2.1 Hole Types

Table 5: Recommended hole designs according to function

Hole Types

Figure 32: Structure of mechanical holes.

5.2.2 Spacing Requirements

Table 6: Spacing requirements for mechanical holes according to type.

Spacing requirements for mechanical holes