Frequently Asked Question about Grove Zero

Q1:What is the ‘uf2’ file?

A1: The ‘uf2’ file is the program than runs on your Grove Zero Main Board.


Q2:How do I upload the ‘uf2’ program to my Grove Zero?

A2: Connect Grove Zero Main Board to a computer with a micro-USB cable and double-press the ‘RESET’ button on your Main Board to enter the removable disk named ‘Grove Zero’, then simply move the ‘uf2’ file to the removable disk the complete the upload.


Q3:Why would I want to reset my Main Board?

A3: The Microbit MakeCode and Module Matcher run different programs. Once you programmed your Main Board with Microsoft MakeCode, you need to reset your Main Board to be able to use Module Matcher again.


Q4:Why my Module Matcher is not working?

A4: It might because your Main Board is running a different program you uploaded previously. You can reset your Main Board and try again.


Q5:Why I keep loading the website (the Microsoft MakeCode editor)?

A5: It takes time to download the Microsoft MakeCode editor if it’s your first time to visit the on a new computer.

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