seeed studio opl

What’s Seeed Studio OPL?

OPL is short for Open Parts Library, Seeed Studio OPL(Open Parts Library) is a collection of most commonly-used components that can greatly improve quality, cost and delivery time. We purchase the components from famous electronic components distributors like Digikey, Mouser, and Element14 that we can guarantee the quality of the parts. We purchase the parts in large quantity so you can get cost down using OPL. If you use all the parts from Seeed OPL, the PCBs assembled time would be less than 24 hours, and the whole delivery time of PCB manufacturing and assembly can be as short as 5 to 7 days!

Features of Seeed Studio OPL

Commonly-used Components

We have stocked over 600 parts on OPL including resistor, capacitor, IC, diode, inductor, transistor, crystal oscillator, connector etc. based on the popularity, practicality and compatibility in open source community, which offer engineers a lot of convenience in product design and save the time in component sourcing.

Seeed Fusion also collect the feedback from customers and follow the market trends to update the components in OPL from time to time. For example, Seeed Studio teamed up with Particle not long ago, brought the popular P0 and P1 Wi-Fi modules for lower cost prototyping services for Particle-based products

Quality Absolutely Reliable

Most of components on Seeed OPL have been used for PCB assembly production for thousands of times as well as tested and verified on a number of products which proved that the supply channels are stable and reliable.

Sufficient Stock

Due to the quantity of the OPL parts are monitored by safety stock and our long-term cooperative suppliers assist with continuous supply, the stock of OPL components is always sufficient which would save you a lot of time on waiting for the components.


We have cooperated with Eagle and Circuitmaker to input the whole open part library design file into their design libraries that engineers is able to use OPL parts at the beginning of the design. Upload the BOM on order page, you will get an online instant quote for your board’s production.

What Our Customers Say about Seeed OPL

Review 1:
Seeed Fusion OPL, a collection of parts that Seeed Studio has the complete EAGLE/Altium footprints for to allow for the quick design and assembly of a prototype PCB. There are certainly some restrictions, but for the most part everything you need is here and guaranteed to be supported by Seeed during the final steps of production.

Review 2:
Seeed Studio make PCB boards and assemble them. If you design using only parts in their Open Parts Library, they offer quite fast turnaround. They have ARM and ATMega CPU parts. They can also source from DigiKey and Mouser. They have a Design for manufacturing manual, with lots of information on tolerances. They’ll hand-build one-off prototypes for you. Upload your Gerber and BOM, and they’ll give you a quick quote.

The process of get PCB assembled using Seeed OPL components is simple, just upload your Gerber file for PCB fabrication and upload the BOM with Seeed OPL P/N, and pay the order. For more questions about Seeed OPL and PCB assembly, feel free to contact us (use @ to replace #).