Many of you have expressed much interest in smaller and lighter stencils with the same quality of our regular stencils. So, our team has been working around the clock to bring you a new product. Seeed Fusion Mini Stencils at $8.90USD only! These frameless stencils are only 10 x 15cm in size, making them ideal for small projects. They have an effective area of 8 x 13cm, that’s a whopping 70% usable space – compare that to 20% for the smallest framed stencil or 50% for the smallest frameless stencil.

MiniBigStencilCompSeeed Fusion Mini Stencil vs the smallest framed stencil

Small and light as a (metal) feather

The new stencils are only a few grams in weight and can fit into the smallest Seeed Fusion packages, protective wooden boards included. That means you can use the cheaper airmail services or simply save heaps of money on express shipping. To the USA for example, with the mini stencils, you can save half on DHL shipping costs and save over 70% by using standard airmail.

Smaller but just as good

These stencils are made with the same stainless-steel material as our regular stencils and so will have the same solder paste depositing accuracy. The corners have also been rounded off and the edges smoothened to make them safer and easier to handle. Us folks at Fusion are very excited to introduce the mini stencils. It is not every day that Fusion can bring you a new product, and we know you have been anticipating these for a while. Many of you were put off ordering stencils before since the stencils were huge, heavy and as a result, incurred nasty shipping costs. Not great if you only need a few tiny footprints for a single board. Now with a smaller, lighter and somewhat cuter option available, there is no reason not to give our stencils a try. Get them for only $8.90USD on the Seeed Fusion Stencil order page here: StencilOrderPage

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