Hello, world! Another superb news for Raspberry Pi users! We have released a LTE Cat 1 HAT, specifically for Raspberry Pi. The new HAT could empower your Raspberry Pi and your projects with the great LTE Cat1 communication modem. Isn’t it excited? Pi & Cat 1, just two favorites come as a combo now!

Based on u-blox LARA-R2xx series, our new LTE CAT. 1 Pi HAT is designed for LTE Category 1 networks and with 2G fallback (EU version only). It is compatible with Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ and later versions, and common protocols like TCP/UDP, HTTP are embedded. Also the LTE CAT.1 Pi HAT supports UART and USB interfaces for commnunication. By UART, Raspberry Pi could communicate with LTE CAT.1 Pi HAT via AT command without any special driver. It’s well suited for rapid prototyping.

As we all know, speaking of IoT applications, many of them benefit from the significant advances in data rates. At the same time there is also a growing list of use cases where the amount of data and the throughput rates do not warrant the associated costs and power profiles that high rates demand. With speeds of 10 Mb/s downlink and 5 Mb/s uplink, LTE Cat 1 is ideal for a vast number of more feature‑rich M2M and IoT applications, including those that require video streaming and voice support. As you can see, the LTE Cat 1 communication enables you to do more with Raspberry Pi. Here are some possible applications:
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Image Credit: https://www.u-blox.com/en/lte-cat-1

-Smart metering
-Smart buildings
-Connected health

So, we hope you enjoy the new LTE Cat 1 HAT for Raspberry Pi as we do. For more technical information, please check out our Wiki. This board is also able to be customized, feel free to contact us at iot@seeed.cc for any inquiries.

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