No More Operation Fee for Batch PCBA Orders!

Following the popularity of the recent No assembly fee for 5 pieces offer, we thought batch orders should also benefit from cost reductions too.

Now, knock off all operation fees on PCBA orders of 100 pieces or more.

And it makes sense. Why should the procurement workload increase the bigger the batch? For a typical PCB design, it’s just a matter of changing the BOM quantities and buying more. Furthermore, orders of 100 pieces or more will almost certainly undergo some degree of automated assembly, so this cuts down on manual labor. Combined with better system efficiency and a simpler and more automated procurement process, we can reduce costs, and therefore, pass on the cost savings onto you.

Done and dusted with prototypes? Move onto larger batches with no operation fee on orders over 100 pieces with Seeed Fusion today. Just place an order on the Seeed Fusion PCB/PCBA order page or Premium PCBA page and the discount will be applied directly. Offer available unlimited times per customer.

Please note that the PCBA quantity must entered as 100 or above for the discount to be applied.

Don’t forget you can still get free shipping, cheaper local components from the PCBA Open Parts Libraries, functional testing and fast turnkey PCB assembly. Discover more about PCB assembly with Seeed here.

Not ready for batch production yet? You can still get 5 pieces PCBA assembled for free – just pay for the components and PCBs.


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