Statement on the Naming of Seeeduino Femto

We released the newest addition to our Seeeduino family, the Seeeduino Femto yesterday. Unfortunately, due to the similarities of the board name to the @femtoduino, there have been some concerns and discussions on the suitability of the product name. We apologize for inconsiderate naming.

The reason for choosing this name was because in our Seeeduino family we currently released the Seeeduino Nano, which was named after a unit of measurement. As our newest addition, the Seeeduino Femto is a smaller unit of measurement than Nano, yet bigger than Atto (the world’s smallest known Arduino compatible board, we chose this name as it is between Nano and Atto, and we wanted to show that our newest board’s size is smaller than our Seeeduino Nano yet bigger than Atto. 

Resource: Wikipedia

Femto (like Nano and Atto) is a universally recognized unit of measurement, we use it in the name for the extension of our Seeeduino family of boards and by no means did we intend to copy the name of the Femtoduino board.

Seeed Studio did not mean to offend Femtoduino by the naming of the board, and we sincerely apologize for not taking in due consideration the name during the product release. We have already taken down the product from our online store Bazaar, and will be re-naming the further releases of the product. We welcome any suggestions for the naming of this board and we hope that you continue to support Seeed Studio and our products.

Once again, we are sincerely apologizing to Femtoduino Team for this unpleasant occurrence. We are looking forward to more interactions and communication with your team and the whole community in the future.

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