Updates on Face Mask and Protection Equipment Availability on Seeed Bazaar

Last night (25th March) we notified our mailing list of the availability of face masks for purchase on the Seeed Bazaar. But it seems we underestimated demands and as of today, our current stock of face masks has sold out. But do not worry, we are in the process of negotiating with suppliers to obtain larger batches and should have new stock early next week.

As mentioned in the previous post, in the current situation, market prices are fluctuating greatly. But we hope that with larger batches we will be able to negotiate lower prices and pass on these savings to everyone. We are not earning any profit on these, so the better the pricing, the cheaper they are for you. 

Currently, our quality assurance team is verifying certifications and manufacturer qualifications but we should have an update on Friday (27th March). 

Stay safe, we will beat this together.

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