Manjaro Linux on ODYSSEY – X86J4105864

We have heard from the community that they want to see ODYSSEY – X86J4105864‘s perforamce on Linux. We will test several Linux OS on ODYSSEY – X86J4105864 with desktop environment. Today’s report is based on Manjaro Linux 20.0 with Xfce desktop. Test suite used is Phoronix Test Suite.

Note: Manjaro Linux 20.0 with Xfce desktop is installed on a 240GB SSD. This 240GB GALAX TA1H0240N is not included in ODYSSEY – X86J4105864. You can install Manjaro Linux directly on the oboard 64 GB EMMC if you don’t want to keep your Win 10.

Note: ttyACM0 is our onboard Atmel SAMD21 MCU

Following are performance test results of CPU and Memory

Smallpt benchmark test
RAM speed test

What else Linux System do you want us to test for you? Please leave a reply and let us know.

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