Qubes OS: Security Oriented Operating System and Run Qubes OS on ODYSSEY X86J4105

Qubes OS is a security-focused desktop operating system that provides developers with security through isolation. You can run Qubes OS in the environments of Fedora, Debian, Whonix, and Microsoft Windows.

Qubes OS Overview Example — Qubes OS

Qubes uses isolation to provide security. It allows users to divide the compartments one by one, and call this compartment Qube. This method allows users to keep different components on their computers securely isolated from each other so that a Qube attack will not affect other things.

Qubes allows users to do everything on the same PC without worrying that a single successful cyberattack will destroy the entire system.

You can download and support Qubes OS at https://www.qubes-os.org/

In the video of “Qubes OS: Security Oriented Operating System“, ExplainingComputer showed running Qubes OS on ODYSSEY X86J4105

Check it out if you want to learn more about this system to keep you safe!

ODYSSEY X86J4105 and with an extra SSD

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