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About the tour


Shenzhen is known as the Hollywood of Makers. More and more makers are visiting Shenzhen. As it’s known to all, Huaqiangbei is a must-go place for visitors to Shenzhen. However, it’s not easy for visitors to find the related factories in Shenzhen, let alone touring in the maze of Huaqiangbei.

Seeed offers products and services to global makers, as well as providing a way to introduce the Industry Resources of Shenzhen, helping you take your product(s) to a worldwide market.

Most of the places you will be visiting on the tour are our partners.  We stand on each others shoulders to make a difference in the maker movement.


Here’s a typical 3 day factory tour.

Day 1

  • Introduction to Agile Manufacturing Center @Seeed
  • Exchange of projects & Ideas, plus a Q&A on Seeed Products & Services
  • Visiting Factory (CNC, PCB, Molding)

Day 2

  • Visiting Huangqiangbei Electronic Market
  • Visiting Haxlr8r

Day 3

  • Visiting startups: Makeblock, Imlab, etc…
  • Visiting Chaihuo Maker Space & Tech Space


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Tips & Tricks


Since Seeed is located in Shenzhen, and we’d love to contribute to the community by providing a Shenzhen Map for Makers, which consists of two main parts, one is the general information about the maker-related factories in Shenzhen; and the other is map of Huaqiangbei, including featured products in different buildings and some peripheral information.

Read more about the making of Shenzhen Map for Makers.


We recommend reading Lonely Planet before you come to Shenzhen.

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