Updated – Fusion PCB Jetpack!


1. PCBA Embeds Fusion PCB integrate Assembly process! More than 240+ commonly used components you can choose to be assembled!   2. History Wanna remake the same board?  Here comes Reorder function in your order history. We hear you How do you think of Fusion PCB new version? We would like to hear your opinions […]

High Tour <3 Shenzhen (Japan Mix, Day 1)


Another High Tour to Shenzhen Factories after Maker Faire Shenzhen, this is designed special for Japanese makers. The open hardware manufacturing tour includes four factories, presenting two kinds of factories in South of China. PCB Plant: provide clean and working PCB for us to make boards Molding Factories: including injection molding, CNC & punching How […]

OPL improves your APM(actions per minute) when making a project


I so want a “helper” when I tinker a project. OPL (Open parts library) is like a helper for me, he makes building a project much faster, much cheaper and much easier. He is a collection of most commonly-used components, including IC, resistor, capacitor, IC, etc. More than that, open source eagle library, 3D-modules and […]

[Knock] Šikula Robotik on Robotic Cup

[Letters from Customers33

Šikula Robotik just came back from the French Robotik Cup (May 28-31th, 2014) with the 5th place out of 156, Congratulations !! Zinjanthrope, the little robot scored more points than a quarter of involved robots. Australopithèque, the big one reached the 5th place! from Association Šikula Robotik In the name of all the team members I want to thank […]

PCB: Death & Rebirth


Lots of PCBs will be defected during the manufacture/QA process. Defects were usually caused by unexpected wrong design, a wrong BOM list, bad assembled/soldered(I hate FFC connectors…), bad components(broken epaper…) or just wrong silk screen. How do we usually deal with them? You know, the wall behind Seeed receptionist is made of PCBs. We offered […]

4-layer Fusion PCB Service is Available at Seeed!!

Fusion PCB Service

In the year(Jun 2009) we provided 2-layer Fusion PCB service, which is highly welcomed by the community. Currently, the number of our PCB orders each month has surpassed 1000. Due to the sharp increase of PCB orders, we couldn’t process promptly, which led to the delay of PCB orders last year. We sincerely apologize for […]

Fusion PCB service upgraded, with even lower pricing

Our PCB Service  (Fusion, Propaganda) has been running for more than 2 years, and It brings us great pride to facilitate more innovation around the world. To better assists designers, we will soon announce the revolutionary manufacturing service  Propagate,  we are pretty sure this will become a milestone in open hardware community. Before we have Propagate, we decided to upgrade our […]