Seeeduino Mega first show on Modkit


Edward writes in to share the new progress of Modkit – If you’ve been following the Modkit project, this screenshot tells a lot. Did you think we decided to show the Seeeduino just because of it’s festive red color? Maybe a little, but the Seeduino represents Modkit’s move to support more third party boards. Oh, […]

New [electronic brick] idea survived some intense brainstorming!

For a long time, we are not comfortable with current electronic bricks, It shall Not need 5 different types of cables It shall Not have such a huge connector It shall have unified form factor It shall be able combining with other not only by cables It shall be well designed in customers’ view It […]

Seeeduino Film 0.9b available now!

We finally have 100 PCs of Seeeduino Film made!  Check them out in our depot, and check FAST~~ Anybody could make this drawing prettier? If you understand what’s trying to illustrate, and need some free FILM… As a beta version, we successfully (-____-) made a mistake on the marking and fixed before shipping out: Last […]

FILMs hate to wait another week

Sorry for keeping you waiting, but we have faced many failures and defects while bringing Seeeduino FILM from idea to prototype to mass production. We can’t say they are satisfying, which needs you to test and let us know the feedback, but they are much stronger than previous sent samples, and much easier to use. […]