New Product Post – 1

New products this week:  New Arrivals From wikipedia - 1 (Beatles album) 1 is a compilation album by the Beatles, released on 13 November 2000. The album features virtually every number-one single released in the United Kingdom and United States from 1962 to 1970 by the Beatles. Of course, If you already own《1962-1966》and《1967-1970》compilation, highlights from Beatles,《1》seems less attractive, as a fan, […]

Fall In Love With Making: Meet the Maker Mitch Altman

Mitch and students

Who are Makers? Makers make things. They are sometimes hackers, or builders, or inventors, or artists, or DIY folks, or just people who like to be creative. May is for Making! To embrace June, we are going to launch our campaign FALL IN LOVE WITH MAKING. Let’s meet the maker: Mitch Altman! Mitch loved taking […]

Seeeduino Mega first show on Modkit


Edward writes in to share the new progress of Modkit – If you’ve been following the Modkit project, this screenshot tells a lot. Did you think we decided to show the Seeeduino just because of it’s festive red color? Maybe a little, but the Seeduino represents Modkit’s move to support more third party boards. Oh, […]

New [electronic brick] idea survived some intense brainstorming!

For a long time, we are not comfortable with current electronic bricks, It shall Not need 5 different types of cables It shall Not have such a huge connector It shall have unified form factor It shall be able combining with other not only by cables It shall be well designed in customers’ view It […]

Using Arduino / Seeeduino as serial to usb converter

As some might know there are several FTDI chip based usb to serial converter breakout boards. Sparkfun produced several of them through time , and recently Adafruit launched a new product called  ”FTDI friend”. Those are the well known ones.  But if you have an Arduino board with usb connectivity ( like Duemilanove ) , […]