1 pin dual-female jumper wire 100mm 50pcs packSKU: CAB102C4O

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Shenzhen 2U

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Want to know more about the soul of LinkIt ONE? MediaTek Labs provides LinkIt SDK for Arduino, with which you develop Sketches in Arduino IDE that you run on LinkIt ONE. There is a Developer’s Guide that will help you get started with the SDK and LinkIt APIs, as well as an online API reference. And when you come to taking your prototype towards deployment, there is a Hardware Reference Design package containing schematic, layout and datasheets to help you create your own product using Seeed Studio’s Fusion PCBA Service.

To find out more check out the LinkIt section on the MediaTek Labs site and register here or check out the resources below.

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1 pin dual-female jumper wire 100mm 50pcs pack$4.99