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Intel® Edison for Arduino

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Brief Introduction:

This kit includes an Arduino Breakout, which essentially gives your Edison the ability to interface with Arduino shields or any board with the Arduino footprint.

Dimensions:127mm x 72mm x 12mm 

The Intel Edison module is included. 







Main Features:

  • Uses a 22nm Intel® SoC that includes a dual core, dual threaded Intel® Atom™ CPU at 500MHz and a 32-bit Intel® Quark™ microcontroller at 100 MHz.  It supports 40 GPIOs and includes 1GB LPDDR3, 4 GB EMMC, and dual-band WiFi and BTLE on a module slightly larger than a postage stamp.

  • The Intel Edison module will initially support development with Arduino* and C/C++, followed by Node.JS, Python, RTOS, and Visual Programming support in the near future.

  • It includes a device-to-device and device-to-cloud connectivity framework to enable cross-device communication and a cloud-based, multi-tenant, time-series analytics service.

  • Has an SD card connector, micro USB or standard sized USB host Type-A connector(via mechanical switch), Micro USB device, 6 analog inputs, and 20 ditial input/output pins, 1x UART, 1x I2C, and 1x ICSP 6-pin header (SPI) Power jack with 7V-15V DC input. 

Part List:

  • Intel® Edison Module
  • Intel® Edison with Kit for Arduino


Form factor Board with 70-pin connector
Dimensions 127.0 x 72.0 x 12.0 mm
Operating temperature 0 to 40 degC
Connector Hirose DF40 Series
(1.5mm, 2.0mm, or  3.0mm stack height)


Max Memory size 4GB
Memory type DDR3, Nand Flash
Physical add. Ext. 32-bit
# of  DIMMs 0
ECC Memory supported:  NO
External Interfaces                                                                                                                              
Total of 40 GPIOs which can be configured as:
SD Card 1 Interface
UART 2 Controllers
I2C 2 Controllers
SPI 1 Controller with 2 chip selects
I2S 1 Controller
GPIO Additional 12 (with 4 capable of PWM)
USB 2.0 1 OTG Controller
Clock Output 32 KHz, 19.2 MHz
Major Edison Components                                                                                                                  
SoC 22nm Intel SoC includes: a dual core, dual threaded Intel Atom CPU at 500MHz, and a 32-bit Intel Quark microcontroller at 100 MHz
RAM 1 GB LPDDR3 POP memory
Flash Storage 4 GB eMMC
WiFi Broadcom 43340 802.11 a/b/g/n
Dual-band (2.4 and 5 GHz)
On board antenna or external antenna SKU configurations
Bluetooth BT 4.0
Input 3.3V – 4.5V
Output 100ma @3.3V and 100ma @ 1.8V
Power Standby (No radios): 13mW
Standby (BT 4.0): 21.5mW
Standby (WiFi): 35 mW
Firmware + Software                                                                                                                           
CPU OS Yocto Linux v1.6
Development Environments Arduino IDE
Eclipse supporting: C, C++ & Python
Intel XDK supporting: Node.JS & HTML5
Development Environments MCU SDK and IDE


Tech. Documents:

Intel Edison Product Page

Intel Edison Product Brief

Getting Start

Software Download



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Maker Pro Designer: Intel
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