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Papilio One 250K

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Papilio is an open-source FPGA project intended for education, hobbyists, engineers, or anyone interested in learning Digital Electronics in a friendly community.

The Papilio One 250K comes fully assembled with a Xilinx XC3S250E and 4Mbit SPI Flash memory.

The Papilio provides an easy introduction to FPGA,Digital Electronics, and SOC (System on a Chip) design.
Quickly learn client-level programming to build your own supercharged parallel processing projects.
Get ideas up and running quickly with simple hardware designed for rapid prototyping.
The Papilio One provides six 8-bit Wing slots that allow the use of premade hardware modules, community designed modules, or your own custom designed modules.

Which Size?
Not sure whether to purchase the Papilio One 250K or Papilio One 500K? Take a look at this comparison page.

Papilio Community
For more information including quickstart guides and all downloads visit the community.


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