EL Tape - Yellow 1m

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This one meter long EL Tape has the same connector as our other EL products, it can be driven by either our EL 2xAA Pocket Inverter or our EL USB Inverter and controlled by EL Shield. It’s a great material for art projects because of its gentle glow, and it’s perfect for situations that require heat sensitivity because EL products don’t release any heat when operating.
  • No heat loss
  • Bendable, and able to tie into any shape
  • Can be cut to any length
  • High efficiency (97%)
  • Does not emit UV light
  • Soft light that is not harsh on the eyes
  • Waterproof, except the connecter
  • The higher voltage EL USB inverter is recommended because it produces a stronger light
  • Length :  1 m
  • Width:  15 mm (including the plastic sheath)
  • Thickness:  0.4 mm -1.0 mm
  • Operating Voltage:  100 V ~ 220 V  Optimum :  120 V 
  • Operating Frequency:  50 Hz ~ 5000 Hz   Optimum:  1500 Hz - 2000 Hz 
  • Static Capacitance:  6 nf/m (20 °C, the RH <80%) 
  • Brightness:   30 cd/m2 ~ 126 cd/m2 (at 120 V, 200 Hz ~ 2000 Hz)
  • Power:   108 mw/m ~ 1032 mw/m (at 120 V, 200 Hz ~ 2000 Hz)
  • Life:  approximately 8000 hours 
  • Operating Temperature/Humidity:  -10 °C ~ + 60 °C/RH < 90% 
  • Storage Temperature/Humidity:  -10 °C ~ + 60 °C/RH < 65% 



ShinyShenzhen 2U

Weight: 13 g

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