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This is a low-cost monochrome LCD module comprised of 84x48 pixels that can be used to display rich graphic and text content. Though it’s an industrial module, this LCD display is extremely easy to use. This module is a revision that accepts 3-5V input. So no extra level shifter is needed. To have full control, you just need 5 pins. And as a classic display module among open source communities, there are handful related tutorials available over the Internet. So there is no need to panic even if you just got your foot in the door. 
Cause Nokia 5110 LCD module was discontinued, this product is made of recycled screen. Blemishes may exist. Please be aware of that.
  • Classic display for learning with bunch of tutorials
  • Adequate to general projects
  • Low cost
  • Input voltage: 3-5V
  • Size: 1.6”
  • Backlight: blue



Shenzhen 2U

Weight: 15 g

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