Nose LED kit (Normally ON Version)

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This nose LED is definitely a bold way to show your geek attitude! Imagine your nostril glows every time you exhale. Weird but fun? Then buy one to surprise your friends!

High ambient temperature could affect the precision of Nose LED Kit. if your ambient temperature happens to be around 32 °C or higher, this Normally On Version is designed for you. Try its better experience!

Pack List
  • 1x 2SC4116SU-Y,LF NPN Transistors 
  • 1x 2SC4116SU-GR,LF NPN Transistors 
  • 1x SC-82AB Temperature Sensor IC
  • 2x 100R-5%-1/10W Resistor
  • 1x 910K-5%-1/10W Resistor
  • 1x 5K-1%-1/10W Resistor
  • 2x 100uF-1206 Capacitor
  • 1x 10uF-0603 Capacitor
  • 1x Clear-Blue LED
  • 2x 1.55V Button Cell Batteries
  • 1x DIP Black Male Header
  • 1x Nose Led Kit  PCB v1.0
  1. Keep children away to prevent them from accidentally swallowing tiny batteries.
  2. Breathe softly when the Nose Kit is inside your nose. Otherwise it might get stuck in your nostril.
  3. Don’t use it among crowds to avoid unexpected injuries.
  4. To secure the Nose Kit, double-faced adhesive tape is recommended. 
  5. To remove the Nose Kit, tweezers is recommended.

Please visit our wiki page for more info about this product. It will be appreciated if you can help us improve the documents, add more demo code or tutorials. For technical support, please post your questions to ourforum.


WearableShinyMaker Pro Designer: Noda Akira
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