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The SARK-110 Antenna Analyser is a pocket size instrument providing fast and accurate measurement of the vector impedance, VSWR, vector reflection coefficient, return loss, and R-L-C (as series or parallel equivalent circuits).
Typical applications include checking and tuning antennas, impedance matching, component test, cable fault location, measuring coaxial cable losses, and cutting coaxial cables to precise electrical lengths. 
The SARK-110 has full vector measurement capability and accurately resolves the resistive, capacitive and inductive components of a load. The measurement reference plane is automatic adjusted via the Open/Short/Load calibration standard to enable the accurate impedance measurements at the end of an intermediate coaxial cable. 
  • Pocket size and lightweight
  • Solid aluminum metal case
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Four operating modes: sweep mode (antenna test), Smith chart mode, single frequency, and frequency domain reflectometer (cable test)
  • Good accuracy over a broad range of impedances
  • Resolves the sign of the impedance
  • Manual and automatic positioning tracking markers 
  • Internal 2MB USB disk for the storage of measurements, screenshots, configuration and firmware update
  • Export data in ZPLOTS compatible format for further analysis on the PC
  • Lifetime free firmware upgrades available, open to community requested features
  • Open source SDK including a device simulator for user applications development
  • Frequency range: 0.1 to 200 MHz with 1 Hz resolution
  • Measured parameters: VSWR, |Z|, impedance angle, reflection coefficient, series and parallel resistance, series and parallel reactance, return loss, phase, % reflection power, quality factor, equivalent capacitance, equivalent inductance
  • Sweep mode (antenna test): graphical plot of two user selected parameters; adjustable center frequency and frequency span; presets for radio amateur bands; display detailed parameters for center frequency or any of the two marker positions; three available scale options; save to disk and recall functions
  • Smith chart mode: plots complex reflection coefficient; adjustable center frequency and frequency span; presets for radio amateur bands; display detailed parameters for center frequency or any of the two marker positions; save to disk and recall functions
  • Single frequency mode: display all parameters for a single frequency; presets for radio amateur bands; graphical representation of series and parallel impedance equivalent; usable as a precise RF signal generator with 1 Hz resolution
  • Cable test mode: measurement for 25, 50, 75 and 100 ohm systems; max. distance: about 250 m; velocity factors presets for popular coaxial cables
  • Automatic tracking modes: peak min, peak max, absolute min, absolute max, value cross any, value cross up, value cross down
  • Adjustable reference impedance: 25, 50, 75, and 100-ohm
  • OSL Calibration: automated open Open/Short/Load calibration; 256 calibration points
  • Frequency calibration
  • Display: 3” TFT LCD with 400 x 240 resolution
  • Power: Lithium-Polymer battery rechargeable from USB; battery charge status indicator; automatic power-off mode
  • RF output: connector type MCX, output power -10dBm (50-ohm load)
  • Storage: internal 2MB USB compatible disk
  • USB: Mini-B receptacle; mass storage class
  • Processor: 72 MHz STM32 MCU, 256 KB Flash, 48KB SRAM
  • Measurement architecture: single conversion superheterodine; two independent and synchronized measurement channels with 12-bit analog-to-digital converters for simultaneous voltage and current measurement 
  • Dimensions: 98 * 60 * 14.5 (mm)
  • Weight: 300g
Pack list
  • SARK-110 x 1
  • Build-in battery x 1
  • MCX to BNC adapter pigtail x 1
  • Screwdriver x 1
Optional accessories
  • Aluminium alloy stand (SKU: TOL133C4O) 
For more information, please visit the product page here. Also if you have any technical questions please contact the designer directly : Melchor Varela.


Weight: 300 g

Note: The SARK-110 is currently not available for sale in the USA.

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