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Shenzhen is known as the Hollywood of Makers. And Huaqiangbei is a must-go place for visitors to Shenzhen. However, it's not easy for visitors to find the related factories in Shenzhen. Huaqiangbei is like a huge maze to many. That's why we make this Shenzhen Map for Makers, in the hope of helping you fully experience Shenzhen in a very short time. 
It is made up of 2 main parts. One is the general information about the maker-related factories in different areas in Shenzhen and the cities near Shenzhen. The other is map of Huaqiangbei, including the featured products in different buildings and the peripheral information such as traffic, diners, shopping centers, accommodations etc.
This is the 1st version, and we'd love to improve and update it constantly. So it is open source also.We will create a wiki page(Will release it soon), hoping makers who are interested in this project add your recommendations, suggestions, share your ideas to make it better. We love this community : )
Oh right!!
We' ve released the downloadable PDF file ,which is FREE to download : )


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