Materials required
  1. .sch file of your circuit
  2. .pdf of your schematic
  3. .csv of your BOM file, with MPN of every component in your circuit Size requirement
Qty: Qty can not be empty
how to get the total PAD?SMD number?
  1. Turn your schematic file into pcb, and choose 'tools'>'statistics' to see the 'PAD/SMD total' number.
  2. If you are not using Eagle and can not get the number of PAD/SMD, you can simply calculate the total Pin number of your components all together.
Have .sch
If you have only .pdf of your schematic, then we need to draw the schematic into .sch for you, thus 0.8 times more price will be paid.
EDA tool
We currently only receive Eagle file design.
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You have {{ layoutQty }} pin number in your project
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The preliminary quote for this project is :
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Explanation: the quote of this PCB design service mainly depends on the number of the total PAD/SMD. We will check the pin number in your project before we start the PCB layout service. High speed layout like DDR circuit will be asked for extra fee. We will contact you via email with details if necessary.
If you have any problems, please contact : [email protected]
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