Manufacturing capability

Manufacturing Capabilities
Seeed has two agile manufacturing center located in ShenZhen and San Francisco now. ShenZhen manufacturing center provide one-stop service from co-design to tooling, from prototyping to mass production, abundant industrial resource supported us for maximum to meet customer demand. The small manufacturing center in San Francisco, we provide more convenient and fast prototyping service from1~100pcs for makers near to Bay Area.Seeed has passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality system certification, that is available for delivering high quality products to customers.

Seeed Studio electronics factory walkthrough

What machines do we have?

What Process can we do?

What level we can reach?

LGA 0.4mm pitch BGA with 0.11mm min. ball diameter; 0201 chip placement available; Red glue process optional

Burn in. (PIC Kit2, PIC kit3, Off-line AVRISP, AVRISP mkII, Usbtiny), ARM based debuggers / programmers, MSP430 /8051 based programmers; Automated functional testing; any customer specific programmer/debugger can be used

Acrylic, Wood; 600x400x5mm size; 0.15mm precision, line width ≥0.2mm; 8-15mm/s speed

Less than 100pcs; FDM 3D printer; SLA 3D printer

Less than 100pcs; Hardness no more than 45#(SAE1045) steel (medium carbon steel); Tolerance ability: ±0.03mm Materials: low to medium carbon steel, copper, aluminium alloy, acrylic, POM, Bakelite, wood, etc;

Manufacturing Capabilities