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At the very beginning, we’d better prepare the materials. Of course, most of these modules can be purchased directly, such as Arduino Uno, TFT Touch Shield and GPRS Shield.

Owning to we want to put our Arduino Phone into a 3D printed shell, and in order to adapt the size of this shell, we have to DIY a charging and discharging PCB board (including two parts) and an expansion PCB board which can connect to the headphone jack of GPRS Shield.

More detail:

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Part list

Arduino Uno Rev3 Arduino Uno Rev3 Qty :  Max: -18 Unit: $29.90
2.8'' TFT Touch Shield V2.0 2.8'' TFT Touch Shield V2.0 Qty :  Max: -1 Unit: $54.90
GPRS Shield V2.0 GPRS Shield V2.0 Qty :  Max: 690 Unit: $59.90
Grove - RTC Grove - RTC Qty :  Max: 554 Unit: $6.90
Li-po Rider Li-po Rider Qty :  Max: 435 Unit: $9.50
Lithium Ion polymer Battery - 2A Lithium Ion polymer Battery - 2A Qty :  Max: 0 Unit: $12.00



  •   Comment by  Steven Knuchel  |  2014-01-07

  • Alright received stuff, thanks you guys.

  •   Comment by  Steven Knuchel  |  2014-01-05

  • Ordered the ArduinoPhone the 12 december. Seed studio gaved me a redeem coupon for the Lithium Ion polymer Battery - 2A that they cannot ship me but the item still can be bought on the site (no idea what was the problem related to my order) Actually i\'ve still not received my ArduinoPhone and start to worry.

  •   Comment by  Ahmed   |  2013-07-17

  • where the rest of it :S ?
  •   Reply by  Seeed Employee ye xiaobo  |  2013-07-18

  • Hi, Ahmed, it\'s done

  •   Reply by  Seeed Employee ye xiaobo  |  2013-07-17

  • Give me one minute.:)

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