Accept Bitcoin Payments!


Bitcoin is oftentimes a superior form of payment for buyer and seller compared to existing payment options (e.g. Paypal, credit cards).  It doesn’t cost anything for buyer or seller (no fees), there is no risk of chargebacks due to fraud, and there are no black-outs – anyone in the world who has an internet connection can use it. I would pay with bitcoin if it were available – probably many other Makers would as well.



  1. Willie commented
     @ 2013-12-02 [@Reply]

    Any progress on this, especially with BTCChina now being in full operation?

  2. hang.xie Seeed Employee commented
     @ 2013-07-15 [@Reply]

    Wow, cool, we will consider it…..Let me ask eric first

  3. Daniel commented
     @ 2013-04-05 [@Reply]

    That would really cool.

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