Arm Cortex M4 devboard for 5$ :


bring the MCHCK into production !

The MC HCK (pronounced: “McHack” [mæk hæk]) is a small, cheap, and powerful microcontroller platform that supports USB for easy programming, at a low price (current estimate: $7, in bulk $5). It enables everybody to build big and small projects, because spending >$20 for other microcontroller boards is just too much.


  1. Peter commented
     @ 2013-11-02 [@Reply]

    This would be great…a very cheap MCU board for hacking/embedding.

  2. hang.xie Seeed Employee commented
     @ 2013-10-16 [@Reply]

    Sorry, we need to hear more so we can put this into production.

    • drorex commented
       @ 2013-11-13 [@Reply]

      Yes, what more do you need to hear? They have schematics, board files, libraries? Please let us know what is needed to put it into production!

    • zoobab commented
       @ 2013-10-17 [@Reply]

      What do you mean by “hear more”? More votes?

  3. Antti commented
     @ 2013-10-08 [@Reply]

    This is the same wish as
    Produce the MCHCK USB.

    Totally they now have
    more than 15 votes already.

    Very powerful “duino” in ARM’s clothes!
    See technical facts in bruno’s comment above.

  4. bruno commented
     @ 2013-05-09 [@Reply]

    There is simply no board so small and powerful for such a price. Low price and power brings creativity !

    more from the official website :

    open: entirely open source hardware and software
    powerful: ARM Cortex-M4 with DSP extensions, 50MHz, 32KB code flash, 8KB RAM, 32KB data flash
    easy to use: programmable via USB; USB 2.0 full speed device and host in hardware
    massive connectivity: 10 PWM outputs, 12 analog inputs, 29 GPIOs, 6 serial interfaces, 14 touch sense inputs
    low power: can run directly from a coin cell battery for months
    extensible: add LiPo battery charger, 2.4GHz radio, extra flash memory, all without additional boards
    small: only 50mm*19mm / 1.97in*0.75in
    cheap: $5 to build at home

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