Raspberry Pi´s alternative

OK, now you know Arduino and know how it works. What about going to the next level?
What are our alternatives?

  • BeagleBoard?
  • Panda Board?
  • Maple Leaf?

But wait, Raspberry Pi for US$ 25,00, 256MB RAM, ARM 11, 700Mhz, audio, hdmi, sd, i2c, uart, GPIO, USB Host (read this accessories: cheap USB GPS, cheap USB Wi-fi, cheap USB Bluetooth, USB Mouse, USB Keyboard, USB Joystick, USB Printer, USB HD, USB <use your imagination>)

Holly Jesus!!! Why am i still stuck on Arduino?

Let´s face it! Arduino is expensive.

It´s time for Seeedstudio to deploy an alternative to Raspberry Pi and the way archaic Arduino´s high level development is. I know you can do it! GO GO GO!!


  1. Tom commented
     @ 2013-03-11 [@Reply]

    RASPBERRY PI is far over rated. Once you deck it out you spend more than alternatives, but the biggest deal is that its a closed system. Where are the CAD files? schematics? A Broadcom chip with BGA package really? Not only is it closed, but you have to have massive quantity.

    The ONLY reason Broadcom was selected for the RPi is because the founder of the project is a Broadcom engineer. He used was he was familiar with and not what was necessarily the best. (

    Not enough power for HDMI HTPC. No netbooting, no PXE, no SATA, no PoE, just GPIO, so quite lacking for automation and Internet of Things – really a low cost edu computer, but no VGA – oh just use an old TV? Steep power requirements, no standby, operating temp of 0°C to 70°C, doesn’t address interference – its a home gadget with the above limitations.

    The only thing BA about it is the Gnu/Debian support, but that is not unique to the RPi. I would up vote a AllWinner (if full documentation is provided) or TI based board with Cortex-A8 processor, 512MB – 1GB DDR3 RAM, 5-16VDC, 3x USB 2.0 hosts, 1 USB OTG, 100Mbit Ethernet with out USB, SD-card, VGA (and HDMI), CAN, GPIO, JTAG. PoE option.

  2. LM1987 commented
     @ 2012-03-26 [@Reply]

    Would be really nice if Seeed could come up with an Raspberry Pi clone or alternative. The suppliers of the Raspberry Pi are really slow. Seeed could do this faster.

  3. ourstuff888 commented
     @ 2012-03-21 [@Reply]

    100% agree – This was one of the goals in my Shanzai wish http://www.seeedstudio.com/wish/?p=1208

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