2.0 e-Paper Panel
2.0 e-Paper Panel
2.0 e-Paper Panel
2.0 e-Paper Panel
2.0 e-Paper Panel
2.0 e-Paper Panel
2.0 e-Paper Panel

2.0 e-Paper Panel

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This is a 2.0 inch a-Si, active matrix TFT, Electronic Paper Display (EPD) panel. By combing the high resolution (117 dpi) of a TFT backplane and the dependability/maturity of E Ink technology, this display offers its user the freedom to display any image with excellent definition and contrast. It is ideal for mobile devices requiring slightly larger and higher-resolution displays or electronic price tags for higher-end data rich products. The small and thin form factor makes it easy to design it into a variety of applications, such as electronic shelf labels, medical devices, and mobile applications



  • Ultra low power consumption

  • Super wide viewing angle - near 180°

  • Extra thin & light

  • High Resolution

  • SPI interface

  • RoHS compliant



  • Outline(mm): 57.0(H) x 28.8(V) x 1.0(T)

  • Resolution: 200 x 96

  • Contrast Ratio: 7:1

  • Interface: SPI

  • Operation Temperature: 0~50°C 

  • Storage Temperature: -20~60°C 

  • Refresh Time(room temp.): 2 sec

  • Pixel Pitch(mm): 0.229 x 0.229(111dpi)

  • Pin Number: 40 pins(Connector STARCONN 089H40 or Compatible)

  • Input Voltage: 3.0V

  • FPC: 0.5mm pitch with stiffener

  • FPL: V110



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Questions and Answers

What is the clear rectangle in the top right corner of the display in all the pictures?

on Oct 19,2016
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It is for all pieces.

on Oct 20,2016 10:41 AM
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This is a finger tab. It allows you to lift the display without touching it.

on Oct 20,2016 10:51 AM
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