Hamamatsu micro-Spectrometer
Has higher resolution and greater sensitivity and is recommended for future designs.
RF Explorer WSUB1G+
A spectrum analyzer covering from 0.05 to 960MHz. $165.00
nRF52832-Micro Development Board
An Open Source, Micro Development Kit for IoT Embedded Applocations. $27.95
Get Inspired with micro:bit
Use your micro:bit for all sorts of cool creations, the possibilities are endless.
IOT Wifi Series
Find Top 5 Internet of Things Products for Your IoT Solution.
The Beaglebone Series
An open-source embedded platform powerful enough for developers and students.
ReSpeaker Mic Array
Can be stacked right onto the top of ReSpeaker Core to significantly improve the voice interaction experience. $79.00
Intel Galileo
An Arduino-compatible development board based on a 32-bit Intel® Pentium® class System on a Chip.
Mini Soldering Iron - US Standard
A small, lightweight, quick heating up soldering pencil for great soldering application.
Intel® Edison Kit for Arduino
An Arduino Breakout, essentially gives your Edison the ability to interface with Arduino shields or any board with the Arduino footprint.
One-stop Prototype Service
Fusion PCB

PCB Fabrication and Assembly

$4.9/10pcs Prototype PCB
PCBA Start from $25, Free Shipping
5-7 Days Delivery if All Parts from Seeed OPL
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