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      Agic Special Paper (A5)

      Agic Special Paper (A5)

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      •  Special paper for AgIC Circuit Marker, which is a conductive marker with which you can draw electronic circuits.
      •  Draw your design of circuits on the paper with conductive ink pen, and run LEDs and motors. 
      •  Imagine and realize  you imagination by embedding your paper circuits.
      •  Smooth and fast prototyping tool for electric circuits.
      •  Control current intuitively.


      •   10 sheets of A5-sized paper;
      •   AgIC Circuit Marker, LEDs or batteries are NOT included.



          Usable printing paper



      •   Harmful or fatal if swallowed
      •   Major ingredients are water, sliver, and ethylene glycol
      •   Children under 12 years old must use the product under an adult’s supervision
      •   Do not eat the product
      •   Do not touch the ink with mouth or wound
      •   Ink adhered to skin must be washed down with water
      •   Please use the product within appximately six months
      •   Be careful of exothermic reaction when the current is above 100mA
      •   Do not decompose the product
      •   When preserving the ink, make sure that the lid is closed and store it in a cool and dark place

      If you have any question, please feel free to reach out! Hello {at} agic {dot} cc

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        Agic Special Paper (A5)

        SKU 110990436
        1 Available
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