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      Classic Computing Shield V1.01

      Classic Computing Shield V1.01

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      Classic Computing Shield provides all of the hardware needed to recreate classic computing systems on the Papilio DUO. Here are some existing retro computing projects that can be easily converted.
      • VGA Port - 4r,4g,4b, 4096 Color, 12-bit VGA Output
      • 2 Stereo Audio Jacks - 1/8"Stereo jack with low pass filter is ready for CD quality Delta-Sigma audio output.
      • PS/2 Ports - Two PS/2 ports accept a keyboard and mouse.
      • 2 Joystick Ports - Two DB9 Male joystick ports accept Atari, Commodore, and classic arcade joysticks.
      • MicroSD Socket - For file systems and saving and loading ROMs
      • 4 Way Buttons - 4 buttons in a plus configuration for user input. 
      • RS232 Serial Port - For connecting peripherals that require RS232 communications.
      • Detachable Wing that allows you to sacrifice the second Joystick, Audio Jack, and PS/2 Jack to free up a 16-bit Wing Slot

      Computing Shield Schematics

      Computing Shield Getting Started Guide

      Computing Shield Hardware Guide

      If you have any questions, feel free to send us an  email  to service.
      For any technical support or suggestion, please kindly go to our  forum.

      Technical Details

      Dimensions150mm x 90mm x 27mm
      WeightG.W 71g    


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        Classic Computing Shield V1.01

        SKU 109990059
        10 Available
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