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      Clock THREEjr kits(with black faceplate)
      This product contains battery, might applys to shipping constriction.

      Clock THREEjr kits(with black faceplate)

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      ClockTHREEjr is an awesome platform for anyone wanting to explore time with electronics. The ClockTHREEjr is a smaller version of our earlier, wildly successful, Kickstarter project ClockTHREE. ClockTHREEjr fits perfectly in a 9"by 9"IKEA RIBBA frame (not included, sold separately). It features mono-color LEDs in a 16 column by 8 row matrix, giving it a total of 128 addressable LEDs.

      ClockTHREEjr KIT includes the unpopulated PCB, all of the electrical components, and the laser cut parts with an  English faceplate. To support use in all countries, ClockTHREEjr is powered by USB. Please use an old cell phone charger or empty USB port on your computer to power your clock.

      If you would like a clock in, German, French, Hungarian, Hebrew, or Dutch, you can buy a Faceplate/chip upgrade from Wyolum. Or if you would like a clock in a different language, please contact us, we'd be happy to work with you to develop it with you.

      Also available as a fully assembled clock.


      • Dimension: 23*23*3cm

      • Net Weight: approx. 1kg

      • Power Supply: 5V


      Technical Details

      Dimensions270mm x 250mm x 50mm
      WeightG.W 1245g    
      BatteryLithium Cells/Batteries packed with equipment UN3481 -PI966

      Part List

      Clock THREEjr kits(with black faceplate)1


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      Clock THREEjr kits(with black faceplate)

      SKU 104990076
      7 Available
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