Dual P6 32x16 RGB LED Matrix - 192x96mm

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We sourced these beautiful RGB LED matrix panels from Shenzhen
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We sourced these beautiful RGB LED matrix panels from Shenzhen. These panels make cool display devices. 
The Arduino Uno is not able to drive this RGB LED matrix but you can use Arduino Mega, RaspberryPi,
BBB, BBG. On the back of this panel are two IDC connectors (1x input and 1x output).
Power this panel with 5V 4A. Control the RGB LED matrix with 13 digital pins allowing you to drive the LED matrix at a 1:16 scan rate.



  • Size:192mmx96mm
  • Module resolution ratio:32x16
  • Brightness:2200(cd/㎡)
  • Max power consumption:12W
  • Drive mode:1/8 scan
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Port type:HUB75
  • Weight:0.18kg
  • Colors: RGB 
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