EMW3060 IoT Development Kit (MXKit-Base&Core)

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MXKit Development Kit is an Internet of Things development kit from MXCHIP, Can be used for Internet of Things, smart hardware prototype development.

The development kit provides an out-of-the-box intelligent hardware solution that facilitates the verification of the user's software and functions, allowing the product to quickly and securely connect to cloud service platforms and mobile phones, shortening the development cycle, and quickly reaching the market.The MXKit development kit consists of MXKit-Base, MXKit-Core, MXKit-Arduino (optional,not included in this SKU) and MXKit-Sensor (optional,not included in this SKU). among them:


MXKit-Base board is a universal development board with a rich set of peripheral interfaces that connects to the MXKit-core board through the MXPort interface. It is compatible with all MXKit-core boards.

MXKit-Core board is an IOT access core board containing MXCHIP wireless communication module. The module is connected to the MXKit-base board through the MXPort interface. 

MXKit-Sensor board is an expansion board that contains a variety of sensor types to facilitate the rapid development of various IoT applications.It connects to the MXKit-base board through a standard Arduino interface.

MXKit-Arduino board adopts standard Arduino interface, compatible with any MCU development board with Arduino interface, and provides IOT access function for user products with MXKit-Core board.It is connected to the MXKit-core board through the MXPort interface.

MXKit-Base Introduction

MXKit-Base board is compatible with all MXKit-Core board,it contains rich peripheral interface,themain resources are: 

  • MXPort interface,connect to MXKit-core board via board-to-board connector. 
  • Standard Arduino interface 
  • JTAG/SWD interface 
  • Provide two USB ports, optional power supply: 
  • 5V to 3.3V voltage conversion circuit, output 3.3V for module work. 
  • Two digit dial switch:BOOT & STATUS 
  • Two buttons:RESET & ELINK
  • Provides an automatic control circuit, which can control the DTR_SCI and RTS_SCI of the CP2015 through the host computer to realize the reset of the automatic control system and enter the Bootloader mode function.


No.  Description
A Power indicator
B Standard JTAG/SWD interface
C MicroUSB interface for system power and USB data transfer
D,F Arduino interface
E MXPort interface
G Easylink button
H Two-digit dial switches (BOOT & STATUS)
J MicroUSB interface for system power and USB to dual UART functionality
K USB to dual UART
L Automatic control circuit
Power selection 
5V to 3.3V Power Conversion Circuit 
USER_UART_TXD & USER_UART_RXD Jumper Terminals for Wireless Modules
* The default is short circuit. At this time, the user serial port and debug serial log information of the module are output from J.; 
* When not shorted, the log information of the module's user serial port will be output from the UART port in D
USER_UART_CTS & USER_UART_RTS Jumper Terminals for Wireless Modules 
* The default is short circuit, open the module's user serial port hardware flow control function; 
* When not short-circuited, the user's serial port hardware flow control function of the module.

MXKit-Core Introduction

MXKit-Core on-board MXCHIP wireless communication module connects to MXKit-Base board or MXKit-Arduino board through MXPort interface, mainly including:

MXPort interface, connecting to MXKit-Base board or MXKit-Arduino board through board-to-board connector.

MXCHIP wireless communication module, including Wi-Fi module, BLE module, Wi-Fi + BT module, LoRa module, GPRS module and SigFox module.

Part List

MXKit-Base x 1

MXKit-Core-3060 x 1

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